The Capping Machines with the Fastest Format Change in the World

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We are very proud to offer you the Fastest Sealers in the World

Our Capping Machines MC have the fastest and easiest format change in the current market.

All our MC Seamers were designed to solve the always difficulty of format changes in glass jar seamers. Not only did we create the simplest format change system on the market, we also created the fastest.

In a few seconds and without the need to incorporate additional tools or utensils, you can change the size of a jar from a small size to a large one. The mechanical synchronization of the format change offers great flexibility to work with the jar and lid formats on the market with TWIST-OFF closures.

This technology offers the possibility of saving time in the day-to-day work, gaining flexibility, control and time being able to close different geometries, diameters and sizes of jars in the same day without any complications.

Thanks to the innovation in the whole system of Ayrtac seamers, it is very easy to learn how to use it, making it easier for technicians to adjust and learn.
The start-up of the MC seamers is considerably reduced, so that in a short time you can be operating with fully qualified personnel prepared for its handling.

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Successful presence and participation of the French food industry.
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On September 20th, 21st and 22nd, we will present on the exhibition centre MEETT in Toulouse.
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“This machine has allowed us to package our peppers at their best and at a rapid rate. Trusting and working with Ayrtac, we have managed to come out tops, because thanks to this machine, we can guarantee the consumer the best organoleptic qualities when they open the jar they buy in the store.”
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