The most complete range of glass containers and twist-off lids

We are the largest distributor of twist-off lids in Spain and Portugal.

We are experts in special and customised containers. See our catalogues


High flexibility of supply

At our facilities we have a large stock of containers and lids, which, together with
our logistics management, allows us to respond quickly to our customers’ orders.

Our logistics are agile and accurate thanks to our smart picking system, which stays
ahead of your purchasing department in order to guarantee stock during production peaks.


We have all the twist-off lids available on the market, from Ø33 to Ø110, with their different shapes and characteristics.


Wide variety of shapes, capacities and sizes helps make your packaged product stand out.


Bottles for beer, from the most classic to the most innovative and original.


Standard bottles, of all capacities and colours, and special bottles for the most delicate and demanding wines.


Bottles in transparent white and dark green with different capacities.


A different and unique container

A differential expression, thanks to the shape, decoration, and relief of the packaging, will allow your product to achieve the right positioning on the market and stand out from the competition.

We offer an innovative and quality service to create original products that are easily
identifiable and in line with the characteristics of the packaged product.

Our specialists will advise you on the multiple possibilities of decoration, relief and
incisions on bottles and jars
, required to transmit the values of quality, exclusivity and

At AYRTAC® we tackle projects of any size, both new installations and plant upgrades.

We have the solution to start up the packaging line that your company requires.