Food safety and easy opening

The twist lids are made of tin and are used to close food and drink jars. They are suitable for both hot and cold packaging and are compatible with pasteurization and sterilization processes. It represents an effective oxygen barrier to guarantee the integrity and long life of the product.

They can be customized, based on the specific needs of the product or brand, with a wide variety of lithographic decorations, relief prints and multiple colors. The Twist capsule is available in all profiles and diameters.


We are specialists in twist-off lids

More than 25 years of experience in the sector make us specialists in twist-off lids and their capping.

Twist-off lids provide high quality, convenient and easy-open capping. They provide an effective barrier to oxygen, guaranteeing product integrity and a long shelf life. We have almost all the existing formats and types of lids available. Of course we are up to date with market trends and needs and we have BPA-Ni and PVC-FREE caps and lids.

Our greatest advantage is undoubtedly the flexibility and speed with which we serve our customers thanks to our main warehouse located in Calahorra, where we have a
large stock of most references.

We distribute both anonymous and lithographed Twist-Off Lids, with different
profiles in different diameters, from Ø 33 to Ø 110.

  • RTS Twist-Off Lids with stepped design
  • RSB Twist-Off Lids with stepped design and safety button
  • RTO Flat Twist-Off Lids
  • FTO Twist-Off Lids with crenellated rim
  • FTB Twist-Off Lids with crenellated rim and button
  • RTB Twist-Off Lids with safety button


Bottles for beer, from the most classic to the most innovative and original.


Standard bottles, of all capacities and colours, and special bottles for the most delicate and demanding wines.


Bottles in transparent white and dark green with different capacities.