Ayrtac jar closers, our commitment to innovation

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Thanks to the effort of our engineering and machinery area, we have made our sealers the most advanced and developed in the market.

Our machines are developed under a high level of innovation and design. If we look back we will remember that one of the historical problems of the closers have been the difficult adjustment and the expensive formatting time, so from Ayrtac we made these two aspects a maximum to improve, developing one of the adjustment and change systems fastest format market. If we also add the quality of design in each machine we can affirm that Ayrtac is one of the manufacturers of top closers worldwide.

Among our catalog we have the most complete range on the market, from a semi-automatic desktop machine, to a seamer that exceeds 500 jars / minute.


In Ayrtac we are proud to be one of the most important allies of the canning industries, regardless of the size of their production, ensuring a completely satisfactory machine / user experience.


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This merger represents a significant milestone in AYRTAC Group's path of innovation and expansion in the global market, further boosting our inorganic growth and strengthening our position as a reference in the food packaging and production sector.
AYRTAC will be present at the FOODTECH 2023 fair in Athens (Greece).
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AYRTAC will present its innovative contributions to the "future of food manufacturing" at the FOODTECH 2023 fair in Greece. In this article we give you all the information about our presence at this important event.
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