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Now more than ever we want to be by your side ➡You’ll never walk alone

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We keep working

Even in the most difficult moments

In these days of uncertainty, caused by the Covid-19, we want to convey to you that we have taken all the necessary measures to face this contingency, so we will continue to provide all our services with complete normality.

Being consistent with our principle of Corporate Social Responsibility, we have adapted our way of working to new circumstances:

Our team of professionals are more involved than ever and we have great adaptation resources, which is why we have already integrated all the necessary means to continue providing the same quality service to our clients. We have increased security and cleaning measures and we have started with the teleworking modality in some of our departments, we have also extended our hours to offer flexibility to our workers in order to reconcile.

We want to preserve the state of health of the components of the Ayrtac Group and help our society to reduce risky situations.

Our commitment is you

In addition Ayrtac joins the positive message launched by the agri-food industry under the motto #THISWILLPASS

As involved in one of the priority sectors (the food industry). We join the strong and optimistic message of the agri-food industry #thiswillpass.
Because we are inside the value chain #Thisdoesnothavetostop

In Ayrtac we continue working so that none of our clients lacks anything and, to be able to face this time of confinement with all the food and products of first need on the shelves of supermarkets.

Our commitment adds

In difficult times we want to focus our services on Customer Service and accompany you on your way.

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AYRTAC will be present at the FOODTECH 2023 fair in Athens (Greece).
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AYRTAC will present its innovative contributions to the "future of food manufacturing" at the FOODTECH 2023 fair in Greece. In this article we give you all the information about our presence at this important event.
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We have taken the right steps in the internationalisation of the company and consolidated a committed and qualified team ready to face the challenges of 2023.
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