We launched our Remachinery Plan

We launched our Remachinery Plan

The time has come to modernize and become more competitive

We listen to you, Plan Remachiney

Last May we launched our Remachinery Plan, an initiative created to provide new solutions to companies that want to go one step further and improve their production.

We are aware of the current situation we are experiencing and we want to give our full support to the food industry from our sector and help you improve your productive capacity.

Decisions made in times of crisis are decisive for the economic survival of many companies. Renew or die. This motto has motivated decision-making for the renewal and technological improvement of many large industries, achieving greater competitiveness and higher performance.

Faithful to our Ayrtac Group values, we want to do our bit and provide current formulas for renovation and innovation.

We offer personalized opportunities to your project, based on 3 basic options:

  1. We keep your old seamer and discount its price with the purchase of a new one . We have a premium technical support team that will install and train your team.
  2. As manufacturers of closers and distributor of jars and lids, we offer you access to your sealer linked to the consumption of containers together with a significant bonus in the final value of the sealer. You can count on technical assistance at the gold level.
  3. We finance your seamer through a contract for the consumption of jars and lids . Includes a diamond technical assistance service,