We join the movement #IChooseGlass

We join the movement #IChooseGlass

For a world with clean oceans

At Ayrtac we care about the environment and we put our grain of glass so that all the products we treat are 100% recyclable and we innovate in a responsible way towards ever lower energy consumption.

For this, we choose glass as the material for the manufacture of our canning jars, wine bottles, oil … Not only because the use of glass jars does not generate any type of modification to the food with which they come in contact, they do not they exert oxidation, wear, flavor alteration, among others. If not because the impact on the environment is minimal, since it is a 100% recyclable material infinite times so it avoids the extraction of raw material for its production

We also invest in increasingly efficient technology so that our seamers save energy and are ready to close any glass container.
And everything that Ayrtac wraps in the packaging, jars, … they are completely recyclable and reusable!

Help us achieve a more sustainable world.


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