A difficult time that will make us better

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Ayrtac donates lots of Food and EPIS to various institutions

We live in a unique moment. And we continue to be surprised by the large and small gestures of solidarity that we see every day: in our clients, in our team, family, friends ….

And although the Covid19 crisis is a difficult time, it has helped us realize even more, the value of human relationships and the importance of helping each other.

For this reason, in Ayrtac we feel committed to the well-being of our Community and taking your example and applauding your efforts and your generosity, we have made donations where they need it most:

  • 4000 food cans for families in the Casetas neighborhood
  • 2000 caps, 2000 leggings, 300 robes and 50 overalls to the Casetas Health Center
  • And another donation from EPIS to the funeral services of San Nicolás.

We hope that these contributions help make this moment better for everyone. We will continue learning from you. Thanks to all of you who work because this does not stop. #THISDOESNoTHAVETOSTOP

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Successful presence and participation of the French food industry.
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On September 20th, 21st and 22nd, we will present on the exhibition centre MEETT in Toulouse.
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“This machine has allowed us to package our peppers at their best and at a rapid rate. Trusting and working with Ayrtac, we have managed to come out tops, because thanks to this machine, we can guarantee the consumer the best organoleptic qualities when they open the jar they buy in the store.”
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