The MC-50 model is an automatic capping machine, designed to seal vials, bottles and jars, made of glass or PET, with twist off lids.


  • Equipment designed for customers with small and medium-sized production.
  • High level of energy efficiency. It only needs one main motor to power the whole machine. A part from the significant energy savings, we have also achieved the necessary synchronism without the need for electronics.
  • It has an ultra quick format changing system with a unique design of the adjustment movements that makes any setting easy.
  • Ergonomic design, created for everyday use, offering easy access to all parts of the machine for adjustment and cleaning.
  • Manufactured and designed in accordance with food safety standards, minimising environmental impact in all the processes.
  • Equipment with multiform working philosophy, with no tool change necessary and continuous.


In order to adapt to the technical needs of the sector, we offer the possibility of setting up the capping machine.

  • Steam installation.
  • Double securing strap for the container.
  • OIL securing system, for cases where the container has oil on it.
  • Functioning with caps with a high skirt.
  • Electrical requirements:
    (240v/400v) 50Hz
  • Steam installation:
    5-8 bar
    30-90 kg/hora
  • Steam connection:
  • Water installation:
    0.25 m3/h
  • Production speed:
    Up to 70 containers/min depending on the format
  • Type of caps:
    Twist-Off y PT
maquina mc50
planos mc50
tarro mc50


The AYRTAC Technical Assistance service is a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals that guarantees fast and reliable solutions for the wide range of capping machines we service.

When you choose the AYRTAC technical assistance service, you are choosing a partner with national and international coverage with its own technicians and authorised technical service. We offer you a personalised, fast and nearby service.